Partners in 教育

Partners in 教育: an investment in our children, our community and our future.

For nearly two decades, AG真人视讯官网 ’s Partners in 教育 (PIE) program has been at the forefront of fostering education in the metro Atlanta community by supporting students and teachers.  PIE connects students, teachers and administrators with business resources to increase the quality of education for our future leaders.

AG真人视讯’s PIE program partners with individual schools, exchanging resources, 服务, and other forms of support. The collaborative relationship benefits both partners, but ultimately improves educational opportunities for children.

Through the PIE program, the AG真人视讯 基金会 works with community schools to help promote health and wellness, provide clinic supplies and assist with healthy topic issues, 按照要求. Currently, PIE serves more than 100 schools in eight counties.

Junior _AG亚游官网 Advocates is a healthy living educational program for school systems in Cherokee County only. For more information about the program, please click here. 

AG真人视讯’s PIE program seeks to:

Improve student achievement through...

  • Sponsoring student programs that promote health and wellness.
  • Providing newsletter articles about health and safety topics.
  • Recognizing academic improvement and achievement.
  • Supporting improvement programs for attendance and other initiatives.

Improve the teaching and learning environment through...

  • Donating supplies for school clinics.
  • Donating emergency backpacks for classrooms.
  • Supporting outdoor classrooms and science labs.

Strengthen parent and community support of the schools and students by...

  • Participating on advisory committees.
  • Displaying student artwork at business sites.
  • Inviting school choral, band and dance groups to perform at hospital events.
  • Participating on judging panels for school contests; i.e. essays, spelling bees, science fairs.

Improve staff morale by...

  • Supporting teacher recognition efforts to recognize and cultivate outstanding teachers.
  • Sponsoring staff appreciation and “Teacher of the Year” luncheons.
  • Providing prizes for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Schools also support AG真人视讯 in various ways with art projects for patients, participating in our fundraising walks for health care causes, performing at hospital events and volunteering with our Community Connection Volunteer Program.

For more information about AG真人视讯’s Partners In 教育 Program and opportunities available for local schools, call the AG真人视讯官网 基金会 at (770) 667-GIVE (4483).